Previous Events

Below you find a collection of links to photographs and videos of previous events


Matt & Ann
Sway the Crowd

Katie & Kurt, Saturn Entertainment Studios

Brandon & Cat, Sway the Crowd

Julie and Eric, Rouxby Video

Emily & Anthony, Sway the Crowd

Michele and Andrew, Perfect Day Film

Matthew & Jessica, Point of Focus Productions

Amanda  & Nate, Jessica Novosel

Katie & Kyle, Langer Imagery

Cassidy & Adam, Sway the Crowd


Matt & Ann, Making the Moment Photography

Brandon & Kat, Making the Moment Photography

Scarlett & Jason, Nick Edmundson Imaging

Randy & Lauren, Sharpe Images Photography

Kristin & Seth, Nathan and Amanda Photographers

Matt & Kristen, Black Box Photography

Andrew & Rebecca, jclaytor Photography

Joshua & Hilary, Sharpe Images Photogragpy

Ashley & Aaron, Rouxby Phography

Jacqui & Remy, Kirkbrides

Julie and Eric, Rouxby Photography

Elvis and Darcy, Brightside Photography  (Engagement Session)

Kristen & Paul, Alevtina Photograph

Madison and Matthew, Aimee Lambes Photography

Kat and Brandon's Wedding,  The Rivalry Media Group LLC

Laura and Laurent's Wedding, Justin Ketchem Photography

Anthony & Britney's Wedding, SLL Photography

Jennifer and Greg
 Wedding, Amanda Julca

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